HD School began on 1st July, 2007, with a two months old baby boy in the Crèche (Smiley class) as our first student and two staff members: a nanny and an administrative staff.

HD School has remarkably grown over the years, providing a home away from home learning environment to children.

HD School encourages children to develop personal values and thinking processes that will facilitate their intelligent adaptability to a changing society and world. We are committed to meeting the educational needs of children for global citizenship in the 21st century.

In order to achieve this, we provide a robust enabling structure that prepares children with a solid foundation for Secondary School.

HD School accepts children of all races and religions, treating each with respect.We believe that each child is created as a unique individual and is of infinite worth, with inherent and acquired capabilities varying according to the child. We assure you that these differences would be taken into consideration in their handling. Our programs are therefore directed towards individual enrichment in the following areas; Spiritual, Physical, Moral, Social, Intellectual and Psychological.

Please read through this guide carefully so as to understand our policies and procedures.

I welcome you and your child to HD School.

Adekemi Badmos (Mrs)