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Welcome to Happy Days School

HD School began on 1st July, 2007, with a two months old baby boy in the Crèche (Smiley class) as our first student and two staff members: a nanny and an administrative staff. HD School has remarkably grown over the years, providing a home away from home learning environment to children. HD School encourages children to develop personal values and thinking processes that will facilitate their intelligent adaptability to a changing society and world. We are committed to meeting the educational needs of children for global citizenship in the 21st century. In order to achieve this, we provide a robust…

Our Mission

HD School is committed to providing a happy learning environment where young minds are stimulated to excel in all spheres of life and become responsible global citizen


Gap Learning Programme

“Happy Days School Gap Virtual Learning ‘A school with the children at heart; that is HD School.We do not take the education of children lightly because any gap in education will alter their learning. HD School with the Gap Learning Package has bridged the gap caused by the Corona virus pandemic which has forced the Federal Government of Nigeria to halt all educational activities for the past three months. Join other children who have already signed in to our Virtual Learning as we continue with our online classes.” Gap learning registration form

Gap learning feedback


Happy Days School

My own dear school

We meet and learn. How to excel

A school with commitment and love

A school with class and integrity. (3x)


God bless my school today.

Bless me too.

And all that come my way.

Give me the grace to learn

And make me, all you want me to be.



On my honour, I promise to be obedient and diligent

To do my best in upholding the good name of HD School

To do what Is right and keep my words, even when no one is watching me

To always aim high at all times

So help me God.